Spring and Summer

Welcome the warmth of spring and the fun of the summer sun with these seasonal garden flags.  Spring mini flags offer birds and flowers and a promise of warmer days.  Our decorative summer flags show lazy days at the beach and welcome friends to your lake home.  These are just examples of what these flags have to offer.  Many of these flags can also be personalized.  Enjoy shopping our spring and summer garden flags.

"Live" Spring or Summer Garden Flag Sale

"Live" Spring or Summer Garden Flag

Spring or summer yard flag shows two adorable birds perched on a vine with blue flowers. This garden flag by Toland measures 12.5 x 18 inches with text that reads correctly from one side only...


Bare Feet Welcome Summer Garden Flag Sale

Bare Feet Welcome Summer Garden Flag

Bare Feet Always Welcome Summer Garden Flag  is a  beautiful flag.  The colors are gorgeous, deep and vibrant.  This would be a fun flag to display at your beach house to welcom..


Beach Attire Applique Summer Garden Flag Sale

Beach Attire Applique Summer Garden Flag

Beach Attire Applique Summer Garden Flag features bright colors perfect for brightening up your outdoor summer decor.  This is a quality heavy double applique flip flop mini flag with embroide..


Beach Chair Garden Flag Sale

Beach Chair Garden Flag

Beach Chair Garden Flag shows a serene beach scene with an adirondack chair on the beach ready for someone to relax in and enjoy the view.  This flag by Custom Decor measures 12 x 18 inches an..


Beehive Home Garden Flag

Beehive Home Garden Flag says "There's no place like home" which can be read correctly from either side. Measuring at 12 x 17 inches, this decorative flag shows a beehive, bees and sunflowers and woul..


Birch Tree Songbirds Sale

Birch Tree Songbirds

$7.99 $10.99

Birch Tree Songbirds

Lovely printed garden flag features many different types of birds in a forest of birch trees and pines.  This flag would be appropriate to display any time of year and would add beauty to any ..


Butterfly Dance Garden Flag Sale

Butterfly Dance Garden Flag

This Spring Garden Flag features original Art by artist "Lorraine Ryan" of a butterfly and pansies. A very pretty flag to compliment your outdoor decor. This decorative flag can be viewed from ei..


Cardinal Home Sweet Home Garden Flag

This is a beautiful flag, one of my favorites.  Cardinal Home Sweet Home Garden Flag shows a pair of cardinals tending their nest.  The bright red bird on the subtle green background is stun..


Daffodil Spring Garden Flag

Daffodil Spring Garden Flag is a lovely decorative spring flag with the printed artwork of Natalie Buriak.  It shows a large bright daffodil on a blue background.  This mini flag  by..


Daisy Welcome Spring Garden Flag Sale

Daisy Welcome Spring Garden Flag

This delightful spring garden flag is full of cheerful daisies and ladybugs.  The word Welcome appears in a blue border down one side.  This flag by Custom Decor measures 12 x 18 inches.&..


Flip Flop Summer Garden Flag

Flip Flop Summer Garden Flag shows flip flops on the beach.  Nice seasonal yard flag to brighten your summer decor.  This flag measures 12.5 x 18 inches and can be personalized. An additi..


Floral Hummingbird Garden Flag Sale

Floral Hummingbird Garden Flag

This beautiful summer garden flag features a hummingbird feasting on flowers.  This two sided decorative flag by Carson measures 13 x 18 inches and could be displayed spring, summer or fa..


Flower Landing Applique Garden Flag with Spinner

 This garden flag shows a bright yellow appliqued flower with a butterfly that spins in the breeze.This would make a fun decorative yard flag that could be displayed throug..


Fly Away Ladybug Applique Garden Flag Sale

Fly Away Ladybug Applique Garden Flag

This heavy double applique garden flag by Carson features several ladybugs perched on flowers reading "Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home".  This flag measures 13 x 18 inches and would m..


Fresh Feathers Garden Flag Sale

Fresh Feathers Garden Flag

This garden flag has an attractive and unique design showing flowers and yellow birds.  This decorative flag by Carson could be displayed almost any time of year, it measures 13 x 18 inch..


Frog Welcome Garden Flag Sale

Frog Welcome Garden Flag

This humurous Frog Welcome Garden flag shows a pond scene complete with cattails and a dragonfly. There is a frog on a lilypad looking cross eyed at a dragonfly on his nose.&nbs..


God Bless America Patriotic Summer Garden Flag Sale

God Bless America Patriotic Summer Garden Flag

This patriotic summer garden flag shows an inviting summer scene on a deck overlooking a lake and is decorated with lots of red, white and blue items.  Text at the bottom reads: God Bless Amer..


Hanging Tree Frogs Garden Flag

This tree frog decorative flag with embroidered detailing is by Premiere designs and measures 12 x 18 Inches. Unfortunately frogs and other amphibians are in grave danger due to environme..


Happiness is Homemade Garden Flag

Patchwork flower garden flag reads Happiness is homemade.  This decorative flag is great for spring or summer and features pictures of patchwork flowers with the wording "Happiness is Hom..


Inch by Inch Garden Flag Sale

Inch by Inch Garden Flag

Cute spring or summer garden flag shows a smiling inch worm admiring a flower declaring Lifes a Cinch. This flag measuring 12 x 18 inches is made from Evergreen's new Suede Reflections material whi..


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